Why Amore?

Amore G.N.A Limited is a UK registered company based in Warwickshire. We specialise in the procurement of Italian fine wines direct from the vineyards of Italy without the needs for middle men. Because we do things this way, we can bring you amazing wines at amazing prices.

As you may or may not know Amore is the Italian word for love and here at Amore G.N.A we really do love our wines, so much so that we wanted to share the love and bring our fantastic wines direct to the UK for everyone to enjoy!

Amore G.N.A was founded by two Italian born cousins and like their parents and grandparents before them, they share an insurmountable passion for fine Italian wines. Not only is every one of our wines carefully selected, but all have been chosen for their fine and unique characteristics to bring a well balanced variety to our wine listings.

We don’t just stop there, along with the Italian touch comes a personal customer service experience from our dedicated team here at Amore G.N.A. Time and care is taken to ensure that each and every customer big or small is provided with wines tailored to their tastes. We believe this is essential to ensure a long and prosperous relationship for years to come.

If you have any questions regarding our amazing products, or just want to find out more about us, then please contact us at amorewinesales@gmail.com. We will be more than happy to send you over a brochure for your perusal. Alternatively contact us by telephone on 07488 239549.